Ewaste Eddie® License Available

  • The only Ewaste Environmental Protection mascot. 
  • Licensing can be applied to, but not limited to the following products and markets.
  • Toys: plush, games and dolls 
  • Promotional items: Pens, mugs, buttons, etc. 
  • Posters/flyers 
  • Utility bill reminders/inserts 
  • Apparel: T-shirts, sweat shirts, caps, etc. 
  • Books/magazines/manuals/curriculum 


  • Consumer awareness 
  • Recyclers: computer, electronics, metal, glass and plastic 
  • Municipalities and government agencies
  • Waste haulers/collectors 
  • Solid waste processors 
  • Computer and electronic stores
  • Education/science classes and vocational training
  • Environmental advocates 
  • Theme park collection campaigns
  • Conventions/tradeshows/conferences 
  • Media: Television, movies, radio, Internet and newspapers ads and campaigns

Contact Al Chaney at: 512-837-1990 regarding licensing.  
Send inquiries to: