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Al Chaney formed Computer Recycling For Education (CRFE) in 1995 when he recognized a need to recycle computers in order to reduce electronics waste. As an expert in the in the field of computer recycling, reuse, and refurbishing, Al applied his Silicone Valley, high-tech experience to establish his company and publish his first book, also titled, Computer Recycling For Education. The book is a definitive work on how to start and operate computer recycling and refurbishing training programs and businesses.

CRFE's goal is to remind everyone to "Remember to Ecycle-it." The company has expert consulting and training available for clients ready to learn ways to protect the environment through recycling of computers and other electronics.  We are ready to assist and partner with state and local governments, waste haulers, nonprofit organizations, universities, manufacturers, retailers and recyclers reach this goal.

Our mission statement at CRFE:
"To Educate the Public to Protect the Environment through the Reuse and Recycling of Electronics".